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IntelliJ java IDE plugin for bulk decompile of jars.








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A rework of the original decompile and attach plugin for IntelliJ IDEA provided by Babur for compatibility with current versions of IntelliJ idea.

Decompile and attach decompiles jar packages using Intellij’s Fernflower decompiler and attaches decompiled source jars to your project within intellij java ides.

The decompiled source is included within Search Scopes or can be unpacked and analyzed however you wish.

Select one or more jar files in the project menu. Then right click and select the “Decompile And Attach” action.

Check your event log for warnings. Failure to decompile will log a warning and continue to the next jar.

Don’t expect perfection. It’s a good decompiler, but can’t reproduce original source code.


1.8.2 rferguson 09/22/2018

  • Added java-decompiler plugin dependency to build.gradle plugin.xml.

  • BugFix - Prior release would blindly produce empty classes with “{ //compiled content” bodies when decompile and attach was used before any other decompile activity that triggered legal terms acceptance and related key setting. Plugin now reproduced legal disclaimer from java-decompiler when needed and sets acceptance key to fix bug.

1.8.1 rferguson 09/04/2018

  • Documentation is prettier.

1.8 rferguson 09/03/2018

  • Moved plugin to com.devendortech namespace.

  • Updated for compatibility with IU-182.4129.33

  • Add try / catch so decompile logs warning and continues when something doesn’t decompile.

  • Transitioned to gradle plugin dev framework.

  • Releasing to IntelliJ as the original author has abandoned his project.

1.7 rferguson 11/9/2017

  • Fix for idea 172 builds

  • plugin.xml in 1.6 excludes support for 2017.2 releases. 1.5 allows it but doesn’t work change to plugin.xml to allow this to install on newer release

  • The file list included the jar name itself which was passing through to attach and causing an fault

  • An empty directory would pass through to decompile and cause a fault.

  • Any non-class files were excluded from source export jars which limited context like reflections and packages.

  • The above covers issues 9, 10, 12 and 13 from Babur’s github issues

1.6 babur 12/03/2016

  • fixed plugin for Intellij 163

1.5 babur 12/1/2015

  • jar decompilation continues even if decompilation for some classes failed

  • added multiple jars decompilation

  • added cancellation for process

  • added form for selecting folder where sources would be stored

  • switched from BYTECODE_SOURCE_MAPPING to USE_DEBUG_LINE_NUMBERS for decompiler fix. See #6 from Babur’s github issues.

1.4 babur 11/27/2015

  • decompiled sources are attached to source jar lib instead of creating a new lib

1.3 11/23/2015 babur

  • added functionality for attaching decompiled sources to owner module of a jar

1.2 11/18/2015

  • fixed jar archive generation.

1.1 11/17.2015

  • fixes